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All patrons need a member card. Please show your member card when using the library. All collections are housed in two separate buildings. The materials placed in the Reading Room building are open for public use. However, those who want access to the Collection Room’s materials require contact at the counter desk before using it.

Books are organized by Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC) that gives you the call number with alphabetical order of three letters of the Author’s surname on the books (Ex: 959.6 DAV - A history of Cambodia by David P. Chandler). The books are arranged by subject.

If you just search the materials in the library, you do not need to register or log in to your account. But if you want to place a hold, request an article, or process other library operations you are required to have your account.

Ask a librarian to create a library account for you or you can do it yourself, please click here.

Username and Password have been auto-generated and given to you during the verification step. However, if you can’t log in with that username/password or forgot it, please use the "Ask A Librarian" link above.

Please visit the How to Guide video.

Yes, log in to your library account. For access issues and troubleshooting help, please use the "Ask A librarian" link above.

Please follow this Library Information link.

In-person: Register for a library card with a librarian at a counter desk during working hours.
Online: Self-register here, the librarian will process your library card for you.

A library card can be renewed in person or online:
In-person: contact librarian at a counter desk during working hours.
Online: Use the "Ask A Librarian" link above.

CKS Library provides access to some e-resources. Use the Advanced Search on the online catalog homepage to get started. Scroll down, then in the Item type check in Electronic Resources to view and download those resources.

Yes. There are two possibilities:
On-site checkout: General patrons can do on-site check out with their library membership cards which allow them to take the books to read at the library terrace. Please contact the reception desk for that service. Or patrons can place a hold online for on-site checkout at a future time. Materials must be returned to the reception desk 15 minutes before the library closes.
Off-site check out: Available for CKS affiliates, fellows, and partners only. Maximum 3 items with a loan period of 14 working days. You can request a hold online if you have registered.

- Librarian will assist patrons with any research question on any academic topic to the best of their ability.
- Librarians will help you find materials on our shelves and in our building.
- Librarians will help you find information online, in our library catalog, and other resources.
- Librarians will help you narrow your search topic to make finding resources easier.
- Librarian will help you search for sources for your research topic.
- Librarians can advise you about the relevance or authority of the sources you are looking at.

We will not charge any fine, but PLEASE bring it back immediately.

Contact the librarians as soon as possible for assistance. The library will assess the replacement fee which is equal to the original price of the book included with the general processing fee.

Damaged material will be assessed by library staff to determine if the damage is repairable. If so, rebinding or repair fees will be assessed. If the damage cannot be repaired then replacement fees will be assessed.

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